12 December 2009

Chow with chums

wednesday, thursday, and friday nights we had dinners with friends.

wednesday was sushi night. daves french colleague loves sushi, but hadnt found anyone else here who liked it. we invited him to join us. a storm came through about an hour and a half before dinner to dump tons of snow and gust massive amounts of wind at us as we trekked to the sushi place. wet and chilly we eagerly planned our food order. the boys made me jealous with their nigiri choices and spicy tuna rolls, but i was just happy to be getting some veggie rolls and miso on this cold day. the only dinner downer was that the waitress sucked and took FOREVER to come take our order and FOREVER to bring our soups. i almost ate the wooden chopsticks. in the end, the colleague really liked the restaurant and wants to meet up for japanese goodies more often. fine by us.

thursday night dave had a fellow post-doc-er come over for dinner. the guy actually lives in newfoundland with his wife, but comes down to halifax for meetings every few months. he had been away from home for almost two weeks, so we had him over for a non-restaurant meal. nice guy, good maritime province resource. easy going. we also took the opportunity to buy a few desserts we had eyed at the grocery store. a lemon square (cuz when are those ever not good?) and a butter tart. now, apparently butter tarts are one of the only recipes generally considered to be a genuine canadian creation. they were made by the pioneers and have simple ingredients, but they are really tasty!

friday night we had the pregnant couple from dartmouth over. we had told them our place was small, but that by making a build-it-yourself mexican dinner we could easily manage a meal with them. they trusted us and decided to come over. and we had a really nice time. emily is still HARDLY showing (shes due one day before me) so i felt like a total weirdo compared to her. itll be interesting to see when she finally pops out.

anyway, we talked about fun things, techie things (macs and cameras, what else?), and baby things (strollers, diapers, feeding strategies, birthing classes), and the weather. it was windy as shit today. two spots on my walk to work almost blew me down, literally. and it was cold! they were trying to reassure us that this is fairly unusual...riiiight. :) emily is lucky she works from home.

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