12 December 2009

Cafe cruisin

finally got out and about this weekend. to eat.

after several gloomy, dull weekends in, i hit the internet hard to find things to do in this province. there is a lack of websites, blogs, idea lists, etc for things to do around here. still, after many hours, i compiled a sizable list of good places to start. trouble is, many things are "closed for the season" around here (which leads me to wonder...what the hell do people do around here from november to april?). but, if monster is a good kid, we should be able to get out and see and do LOTS of things this summer. yay.

anyway, today we went back to a familiar area to do some new things. it was very cold and windy so a nature walk wasnt on the agenda, but eating was. i found a highly rated restaurant in lunenburg i wanted to try called "magnolia grill." so we charted a course there. upon arrival we found it was...closed for the season. thats fine, we ate at its neighbor the salt shaker deli. we ate here last time we were in town, but we ordered different things this time. we shared a delicious warm bowl of spicy black bean soup and a gourmet veggie pizza. yum.

(the pretty and tasty soup with fresh local-made baguette and a propeller porter)

afterward, there seemed to be a few shops open in the little town, so we walked the short main blocks and popped into the open shops to get out of the wind and browse.

(a fishermans hat dave found at one of the stores. a little blurry but i had to include it!; a picture of the gortons fisherman. dave is younger and more handsome, but the resemblance is freaky.)

next stop was only 15 minutes away in the town of mahone bay. weve also been here before, but we wanted to locate a good bakery and a little cafe i had read about. while cruising the main street of mahone bay, we came upon the gorgeous artisan shop owned for decades by emilys (pregnant friend) parents. they are retired now, but her parents were in the pewter business (they sold it recently). apparently they were quite successful because their shop is sharp from the outside and the website has beautiful things on it. perhaps we'll peek inside next time.

anyway, we could not locate the local bakery that so many of our restaurants and grocery stores are supplied by...we later found out the reason is that they only do wholesale, they dont have a retail store. bummer. but, not to worry, we quickly got over it upon entering the biscuit eater cafe.

this is place is only slightly off the beaten path, but just enough to be overlooked, which bodes well for locals and visitors in-the-know. the cafe is packed with charm and warm, cozy feelings, but it would be hard not to feel that way with all the leather, books, tea/coffee mugs, and comfortable chairs around. and the food...the food. it looked amazing. i want to come back for the soup and sandwiches. yum. as it was, we were there for dessert. we ordered a cranberry shortbread cookie and a pumpkin cheesecake bar. perfectly flavored, perfectly created, nothing left to be desired. i shall return.

(dave and the pumpkin cheesecake in the eating area with a shelf of books in the background)

after that snack, we drove east along the lighthouse route back in the direction of halifax. we visited the small ocean town of chester as our last stop. hadnt been here before, but i had read about the kiwi cafe. owned by a native new zealander and home to plenty homemade creations. it was colorfully painted and decored, had a mile-long counter full of fresh goodies, and had a light breakfast and lunch menu as well. it had been a couple hours since dave and i shared that lunch in lunenburg, so we were a bit hungry. we ended up getting breakfast foods. the dishes were prepared well, nothing mind-blowing, but i think id stop again if we were in town to get some baked goods, they were so tempting.

(a shot of the three churches of mahone bay. one of the most photographed scenes in nova scotia; a pretty railroad bridge on the lighthouse drive)

and thus was the end of our driving tour of the south shore cafes. glad we found some good food and used our saturday better than in the past.


Trav said...

i totally made the facebook comment before i saw your gorton's fisherman comment. we DO have the same brain.

Kailee said...

PS we want to come visit you guys!