03 December 2009

Another preggo

more tea, a different pregnant person.

met jessyka for tea. the rest of our group (now 4 people) couldnt meet. she is 11 weeks (so, due at the end of june) and is from the halifax area. she recently left the canadian military and got married. she has lots of family and friends who have given birth recently so she was a fountain of stories.

she actually informed me that nova scotia now covers midwifery for free (someone else had told me that a midwife was not covered by insurance, so i never pursued it), but that since it is a new development (i think it started in june/july) they are in high demand. she was recently accepted into the practice for the pool of june mothers. 24+ people applied for 10 openings! my odds arent looking good, but i'll give it a try.

she was friendly and seems to be a good addition to the group, which will hopefully be meeting twice a month. so thats good.

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