25 November 2009

Warring factions

good times. no, really, not that bad.

went down to our local customs office (thankfully its only like 3 blocks away) and told them our saga. at first, the guy said we had to have been given that casual goods form, certainly. we proved we indeed did not have this document. he then said he would stamp our exemption form with the standard stamp saying we did not pay tax on the car because we are not allowed to sell it in canada. he said that while he wasnt giving us the requested casual goods form, this magic stamp was all the information they need or would have needed from the casual goods form. he said if the motor vehicle department (called "access nova scotia") doesnt like it, he told us we need to be persistent and tell them we were told by customs that there is a memo on file saying that this is approved documentation. this marks something like round 4 in the "government workers should know better" vs "provincial workers are just being difficult" battle. i dont give a shit whose fault it is, the only one inconvenienced is ME! so, apparently once we get the title to our car, we will be all set...not holding my breath.

speaking of warring factions...watch this...im going to work in a twilight/new moon segue here (for you kim). sweet. this team edward/team jacob stuff has made it here. ive seen the girls carrying their support bags. hilarious. saw the movie myself recently. i gotta say, based on the film alone, i am currently neither team edward, nor team jacob. it was also my least favorite book in the series, but really, the movie plot was zipped along way too fast to make a case for either hottie. with minimal budget for the first one, they pulled off some commendable feats, so i thought this movie would have more polish due to extra money. the vampire make-up was still embarrassing and the special effects did nothing for me. heres hoping they work out the kinks with "eclipse" and build the perfect fantasy for "breaking dawn"...(team edward!)


Kim said...

Thank you. Gives me argumentative comebacks to the students. Sorry you didn't love this one because they sure did. So many came to school on 3 hours of sleep the Friday after the opening.

Sarah said...

I am definitely team Edward. I made Nick go last night - he owed me one after making me go see Star Trek. At least there's no time travel in the Twilight Saga.