13 November 2009

Tea for two + two

met the prenatal/pregnant woman tonight for tea.

her name is emily and we were able to immediately start talking. somehow i opened a conversation window about travel that exposed the fact that after college (in british columbia) she traveled for about 10 years. she lived in belgium, london, paris, and auckland (to name a few)...and these are all places ive been! she has also spent some time in central/south america which was a welcome area for me to hear about. it was great to bounce our enjoyment of the different places off each other, and it was nice to feel that we had something more in common than being pregnant.

she also ended up teaching ESL in paris. there were similar stories shared between paris and rennes students. many of her students were disinterested and unmotivated. funny.

currently, her penchant for travel has waned down to nil, which is probably good for my jealousy factor. :) she was born and raised in nova scotia (about an hour west of halifax) and her family is still living there. so, she is really enjoying being back in the area, getting settled in her marriage (she got pregnant on her wedding night!), being a homeowner, and nesting into a comfortable life in comfortable surroundings with family and friends to support her new family.

her pregnancy attitude seems, initially at least, to be similar to mine. of course, more personality things will become clearer in the future. she seems to be a good match for me and i feel lucky once again to have met someone with enough commonalities to create a relationship with, while also finding someone who is native with lots of potential advice to give for where to go and what to do in my new town.

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Jody said...

mmm hmmm, pregnant on her wedding night? twenty bucks says the baby will arrive "early".