06 November 2009

Slushing through the snow

first snow of the year.

overnight a slushy snow mixture arrived (via a nor'easter) and was mostly turned to mush by the time i tried to venture out to get to work. it was blusteringly windy and with the fat water droplets i made it about one block before i was soaked. i gave up and worked from home today. i think this is the typical type of winter stuff to be expected. yay. there really isnt any gear that will keep you both warm and dry unless you wear a fishermans slick suit. we shall see how this goes.

(view of snowfall from the porch of our apartment complex. on the left corner you can just see the steps that lead up to the dalhousie gym where i take yoga. through the trees you can see the 'old burial grounds' and just beyond the cemetery is spring garden street, where the parades always turn from main street [barrington street, our street]. so we're pretty close to lots of stuff)

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