05 November 2009


hung out with daves ultimate team. met some nice people.

daves wednesday night ultimate team met for an end-of-the-season social hour at the 'economy shoe shop' bar. weve been there before: terrible food, expensive drinks, nice atmosphere. we could handle it for one night. lucky for dave (and me, in the end), he was somehow able to convince me out of bed where i was lounging in my pajamas to attend this function at 8:30p.

the group of people were friendly and were even willing to play 'the name game' with me so i could get to know everyone, which actually did end up working. people moved around a bit while we were there so we got to talk to several people.

the person i spoke to the most was the female part of a couple that dave was convinced i was going to like from the start (sometimes it pains me to admit that he is right). both medical residents (shes from ontario, hes from newfoundland), they had gotten in to ultimate to make friends outside of the medical community. very interested, engaging, friendly woman and from what i could tell, her husband was equally nice. they live down the street from us, so perhaps one day we'll be able to have a meal together.

after another round of musical chairs, i overheard a girl saying she was in the epidemiology department. my ears perked up and i started pelting her with questions. turns out she works in my department and is only two floors above me. i told her where my office is and she did the same, so now i'll be on the lookout for her. pretty cool.

so we had a nice time and i got to make a few human connections to people my age. we'll see what can happen with that.

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