26 November 2009

Pardon my french, but your restaurant blows

spoke french at a belgian restaurant tonight.

halifax has a french group that meets once a month at a restaurant to speak french. some are native speakers who want to be amongst their language and some are non-native speakers who want to keep up on their skills. some had a large vocabulary with horrible accents and some had better accents and less vocabulary. younger and older people also combined to make a nice mix.

a fellow post-doc (from france) asked dave if we wanted to go with him to the group. it was at a belgian restaurant and the group sounded interesting so we went. we spoke mostly to a younger couple who had a baby boy. the husband is from montreal and the wife is from halifax.

the restaurant allowed two musicians to play VERY loudly near us, so, it was a little difficult to comprehend what people said. our waitress also sucked, in general, and specifically, she called the fries (listed on the menu as "frites" because this is the french word for fries) by the german male name of "fritz." i would think that working at this kind of restaurant, the staff would have to be a little informed about the typical pronunciation of the menu items.

alas, this was not an authentic restaurant by any stretch. it is owned by a local restaurant conglomerate (similar to ann arbors "main street ventures") that cant master any food type: sushi, italian, or belgian. my chicken stew consisted of grey chicken in a watery broth and daves mussels were "blah." it doesnt help that weve actually been to belgium and had the food, but really, this was just a horrible (and overpriced) garbage station. the group was interesting, but im not sure i can get over the venue.

to wash our mouths out, we stopped at the fancy-ish local ingredient restaurant, chives, on the way home to get a dessert. pumpkin mousse torte...yum! the better way to end an evening.

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Dave said...

I also like that the waitress corrected me when I ordered the mussels with the mustard sauce. "Oh, you mean moutarde?" Yes, those are the ones... Je ne pensais pas que je dois commander les moules en fran├žais.