15 November 2009

Must-get-out-but its always raining

in our traditional waste the sunny saturday on pathetic football games and stomp around in questionable soggy sunday weather, we explored a new area today.

drove east from halifax along part of the "marine drive" of the eastern shore. shortly outside of the dartmouth city limits, we were on a quiet, winding shoreline road with few houses and fog-filled ocean inlets. very pretty, as usual. eventually, we rounded a corner and the landscape opened up to water on both sides. the inland side was a low-lying calm lake, while the ocean side was a raging rugged beach with white caps everywhere. this, was lawrencetown beach. we had heard of it spoken of as the surfers beach before, but here, upon us, it was really wild. the beach wasnt sandy at all, very wild and rocky and with the dense fog and wind creating rough waters it was quite a sight. most areas had three parallel rows of standing waves at any one time. i can see why this attracts the surf crowd. definitely want to come back for further viewing.

back in the car (we had pulled over quickly to admire the scene), we shortly passed a bizarre little outpost off the road that looked like the rainbow had thrown up on it. this was happy dudes surf shop. we saw a sign for a dude food stand...which i want to try in the future also. we continued on, passing lovely coastline, weird old houses, and even a lonely cafe called nans (i want to eat here too...and no, im not very food-centric these days...).

finally, we wound our way into the tiny town of musquodoboit harbor where we stopped for lunch at the little cafe called "the tourist trap." a name like that would normally make me break out in hives and run for the hills but this place was anything but frightening, and seemed hardly able to live up to its name. its was so small and cute. it was a b&b, gift shop, and restaurant (all the businesses around here seem to try and be multi-faceted).

so, we pulled in and eyed this "trap" with less than a dozen tables. a nice lady took our drink order and we enjoyed our cozy spot in the corner. we were eating at 3p, so we had the place to ourselves initially. we ordered the corn chowder soup to share and we each got a lunch plate (me the biscuit melt and dave the chicken club). our soup was really beautiful (we forgot to take a picture because lately, there hasnt been anything worthy of the camera, foodwise) and tasty. our main dishes were also good. everything was inexpensive, homemade, and arranged with care. while waiting to pay the bill, we perused their gift shop filled with all local goods. i was intrigued by a line of bath stuff made from local items: seaweed, cranberries, etc.

now we were full of food and quaint beauty for the day so we started heading home in the fog. we stopped for some treats at dobbits bakehouse before getting on the highway (the faster way) back to town. its amazing how small a distance you can travel from halifax to places that look and feel like the UP of michigan. fantastic.

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