29 November 2009

Multicultural meet-n-eat

two of daves married colleagues invited us for a group dinner at their house.

we picked up two people on the way: a german woman and a canadian/polish guy. dinner convened at the couples house which is on the water about 25 minutes from halifax. you could see the city lights and hear the waves. a nice spot that, understandably, took them two years to find/buy. the wife is french and the husband is yugoslavian/serbian. rounding out the dinner table was another german.

dinner was kind of a mix of cultures (cucumber dip and guacamole spreads for appetizers, chicken and goat/lamb main dishes, and a smooth and simple creamy dessert). we enjoyed meeting (we hadnt met anyone other than the homeowners before) and chatting with this group and it was a welcome change of scenery from our apartment.

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