22 November 2009

Martinique beach

went to the same area as last week but did different things.

drove east again, on the marine drive, but this time there was no fog...which i find to be less magical, especially in the leafless yet snowless months. we stopped at lawrencetown beach again, but the wind was blowing out to sea so the waves werent as big. we did see some old school long boarders surfing with their paddles though. kinda cool.

this time, we ate at nan's cafe for brunch. at first we were only the second table in the place (when we left, there were 3 more tables full). i ordered an omelet (GREAT toast) and dave got a soup and sandwich. a little underwhelming, but the place was a mix of locals and tourists. the two groups who i determined had to be locals (based on their california surfer-style speech, appearance, and behavior) were most amusing. the female of each couple (they came in separately) ordered big breakfasts heaping with bologna. ew. the breakfast meat preferences around here confuse me. there is typically: bacon, ham, sausage, and bologna. now, why bacon isnt the choice every single time is beyond me...but the fact that these slim girls were opting for one-grade-above-dog-food bologna...i dont get it.

after food, the destination was martinique beach. billed to us as the best beach in nova scotia (with an emphasis on it being 5-6 km long), the beach access is down a 12 km road that is windy and was under construction...so, nice and bumpy. the forecast for the day was sunny...but it was cloudy. when we got to the beach it was damp, windy, and seemed like it was time for sunset (it was ~3p).

we parked at the close end of the beach and walked around. the sun attempted to show itself while we walked along the moderately rocky beach. for being the premier spot, it seemed to have a lot of little pebbles. being from michigan and having been to florida more times than i can shake a stick, the term "beach" has very different meanings for me (and dave) than it seems to have for the french and nova scotians. this beach was nice and it was long-ish, but i kept trying to picture getting comfortable on a towel. ah well.

i enjoyed the grassy dunes by the beach though, and the big rocks on the end by our car. it was a very pretty location with a natural preserve behind the beach adding unspoiled scenery. if i need a beach this summer, we could come back and check it out, though i might get caught watching the surfers at lawrencetown beach.

(martinique beach...no sun; fun beach critters!; me by the dunes; dave and i with a little more sun; SUN! while we were driving back down the windy road the sun decided to come out. in the distance you can see the weird dry grass islands sitting in the inlet)

hit dobbits bakehouse on the way home again. got one of every cookie they had. promptly ate the entire bag before we got home (with daves help).


Dave said...

It is worth noting that you received no help in eating the bell cookie, which was consumed before I even knew you had pulled it out. :P

Kim said...

Love the cold weather beard on Dave. My hub also a fried bologna fan. Number one nauseating smell when I was pregnant! Just the thought makes me queasy.