20 November 2009

Lemme off this merry-go-round, im gonna be sick

more in the saga of dealing with foreign governments, please just remind me that this is never actually going to end.

we finally gathered all the information we needed to get a reasonable car insurance quote (this required proving at least 6 consecutive years of car insurance [which we located for me, but only got 5 years for dave], and getting our lifetime driving reports from the state of michigan to have a record of any tickets or accidents. with this we were finally approved for affordable insurance. today, we went to pick up the temporary proof of insurance so we could go and get our license plate.

now, when we first tried to get our license plate, back in august, we were told we didnt have our papers stamped correctly from the border patrol. now that that is fixed and we have insurance, we were told that...we needed the "casual goods form" from when we crossed the border...yes...the only problem with that is...we never received this form.

this puts every single action performed by border patrol as wrong. wrong work permits issued. wrong filling out of the license plate form. wrong omission of this "casual goods" form. and seemingly wrong in their neglect to ask for proof that our cat had a rabies shot (although this is minor and didnt actually affect us negatively, i include it here). wow, i feel safe.

so, now we need to go to the local customs office and request that they fill out a casual goods form for us (hopefully they will find our situation to be believable, otherwise im not sure what happens). so far, our final items-for-a-license-plate list is: the stamped exemption form, the casual goods form, car insurance, and the title. we neglected to bring the title. this is, of course, our fault, but it has only been at this stage that they tell us this. since the exemption form prevents us from selling our car in this country, i guess we assumed we didnt need it. so, weve gotta get it when we go home at christmas. oh, and we were supposed to get our new plate within 90 days of entering the country. we are beyond this point. so we shall see how well that is received.

ah, joy. there really are some benefits of never leaving the comfort of your own home. you may miss out on the sights, but you also skip the bullshit. argh! but, silver lining, we licked our wounds at the japanese restaurant my (japanese) boss recommended as her favorite in town. yummy miso soup and the best sweet potato tempura rolls ever. we shall return doraku, you make my tastebuds happy. a strong rival for some of the top places back in michigan.


Mary Ann said...

Ahhh. Miso soup for the expatriate soul. Doesn't it help just a little?

nlk731 said...

I'd like to believe that only foreign governments inflict the pain you're describing. Sadly, the Virginia DMV was just as bad when we had to register our old Honda here. It took three trips with different instructions every single time. Sorry you have to deal with all that, but you're not alone and therefore worthy of sympathy!!