09 November 2009

Laundromat love

FINALLY found time to get out to a laundromat and clean all the items fouled up by nutmeg and her butt brigade.

we had two comforters and loads of clothes that were simply neglected of late. the only laundromat in town with a washer big enough for our queen comforter is called the bluenose laundromat. it may not really seem like much to get excited about but i actually had a good time. we arrived around 5p and had the place to ourselves. the owner was extremely nice and helpful and very organized (gotta respect that). we loaded all of our stuff in and had 25 minutes to wait.

upping the cool factor, the laundromat is attached to a diner. we walked into the place with our laundry soap and bag and settled in for what would be an early bird dinner (hey, we were hungry). just as the food was arriving i ran back into the laundromat and moved our four loads of stuff into four dryers. those dryers were really well maintained. it only took about 20 minutes to dry the reasonable sized loads. so, as we finished dinner, dave paid and i went back to fold our pile.

in the end, we spent about 1.5 hours there (mostly rotating the comforter getting it to dry all the way through) and only $17.50 for everything (ONE regular load cost about 6€ in france!). i like the convenience of washing in our building, but this place definitely won me over if we have need in the future.

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