22 November 2009

Dinner in dartmouth

had dinner with my prenatal pal and family.

emily invited us over for dinner with her and her husband, and dog raina. they have a lovely house in dartmouth on a hill so that they have a view of halifax harbor. the house could easily fit in somewhere in ann arbor, so it was nice and homey to us. we enjoyed their conversation and petting the puppy. dave was able to talk about ultimate frisbee (both husband and wife play) and nerd around a little with the husband, craig, because he has a geography degree with coursework in geology and now works for a major GIS company (dave used their software for his phd). they also seemed to be making similar goals for future parenting (no, our house will not be overrun with toys. no, we will not talk about our kids all day. yes, they will be active in sports...but not the ones that make you get up to chauffeur at 6am)...though, its debatable/doubtful any of these will get followed. :)

the conversation begun over appetizers flowed into a nice dinner. later, we oozed back into the living room to digest and chat some more. eventually, the evening was wrapped up with a polite pie eating contest. well, not really. but emily made a perfect lemon meringue pie that just had to be given a fair shot at the belly. her philosophy, as is mine, is that no meal is finished until dessert is served. preferably the homemade variety for her. and i will willing eat it anytime.

so the night, the meal, was a success. some like-minded people in a similar life situation who we can hang out with. how nice? we did end up missing the downtown halifax parade of lights that night, but i think we had a good reason.

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