01 December 2009

Celebrating poops, its downhill from here

so, while nutmeg was healed and healthy, we took the opportunity to get a surgery consultation for her anal gland problem.

the surgeon came highly recommended by our vet, so i went to meet him. he was very calm, and understanding, and confident that the surgery was doable and would go smoothly. he does this type of surgery very often and actually enjoys the technique and precision it requires (looking at animals butts all day, i guess you gotta get jazzed about something). the risk of surgery is that the nerve controlling her poo could be severed and possibly cause her some incontinence problems. he said this potential risk is mostly a great fear for surgeons who dont perform the surgery often, but that he regularly does it on dogs and cats with great success.

i was a little concerned (understandably) about the potential for little poo pellets to be dropped around my house for the rest of her life, but he was very rational and honest, yet still confident that this would be unlikely. fascinatingly, he was also missing 3-5 of his fingertips (i didnt ask for the story) and i felt that, due to his demeanor and reputation, he must be a very gifted and determined person to be a surgeon against his odds (perhaps this would freak others out, but i really wasnt). anyway, while he prepared a price quote i held my breath, but it came back as affordable. the same amount as her last "blowout" fiasco had cost us in fact. so i said "lets schedule it." the surgery was today.

dropped her off this morning and came back for her tonight. a happy, though drugged, kitty came home and ate, drank, peed, and pooed like normal. when she went in her box to poop, we muted the program we were watching and held our breaths to listen for success. bliss. yippee!! successful pooping! then i instantly felt ridiculous because this is the kind of thing that new parents celebrate. yay, a poopie! well, i guess we started early. yay for nutmeg not leaving dingleberry treats around the house for monster to pick up and eat. and yay for more thoughts of poop in the future. (p.s. at her follow-up appointment a few days later, the surgery was declared a complete success and nutmeg has successfully pooped in her box every day).

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