28 November 2009

Belated gobble-fest

a sort-of thanksgiving.

we missed both the canadian and american thanksgivings (in our bellies that is) but today dave was inspired to whip something up. last minute, he went to the store and found a half turkey breast (on the bone) which he roasted while making stuffing (on the stove), mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, and cranberry sauce (from the can). not bad for two people with limited kitchen tools. yummy!

(my plate. all the brown food groups are represented. monster is clearly being fed a well-balanced diet; dave carving the meat...i think i have one of these pictures from just about every year ive known him. when there are cooked birds and knives around, he just seems to be the go-to guy for the job.)


Mary Ann said...

My experience with David's cooking has been admittedly, limited. But that dinner that he prepared on our visit was perfection. I'm still talking about it. And dreaming of those baked pears. Any praise that you give him will only be rewarded with more delicious dishes. It's a great deal. I speak from my own life with a talented cook. Enjoy!

nlk731 said...

I love the pictures of Dave carving the bird! It takes me back to simpler times peppered with TK Thanksgivings and all night Sex and the City marathons! I miss you guys!