29 November 2009

Ba[by] humbug

started looking for baby stuff...and so it begins.

some wonderful college friends ;) and others are requesting baby registry information, thus i needed to get moving on that front. personally, its been weird because im not overly pregnant looking, i havent seen the baby on ultrasound, nor have i really felt movement (this "butterfly kisses" and "internal tickles" crap could just be gas for all i know...i do know i produce enough of that...ladylike image, nope). socially/medically, i havent reached the barely safe 6 month mark, so a fetus isnt even viable at this point. it feels weird and yet this idea of a shower and baby gift(s) is a welcome change from all the "living in isolation" reminders i have.

but, fear not, the "living in isolation" reminders rear their ugly heads routinely, and they were not to be missed on this occasion. first, there is ONE babies r us in all of nova scotia (and NO other big-box baby stores), and its tiny, and its embedded in the toys r us, in the mall. second, i wanted to simply go to babies r us, touch/see a few things in-person, and then register for real at amazon.com...BUST! amazon.com refuses to ship anything baby related to me here in halifax. its ugly step-sister, amazon.ca, is a sorry excuse for a website and can only ship me books or DVDs.

now, back in the u.s., i was not a typical buy-buy-buy consumer. i avoided malls like the plague, did on-line/outlet shopping when necessary, and used my stuff (be it clothes or electronics) until it died. but i really, really, really miss having the benefit of selection/variety, free shipping, and low/sale prices that all that american supply-n-demand and consumerism create. i cant get shit here. there are no Target stores, or IKEAs, or outlet malls. nothing like that is within a 12 hour car ride. grrr.

so, its gotta be babies r us then. and its the babiesrus.ca website, which is of course completely separate and un-related to the u.s. ".com" site. you know, living within an hour from the canadian border growing up did nothing to create an accurate perception of canada. i somehow falsely grew the idea that canadians could buy anything we could buy, that they made slightly less money, had better health care, and were nicer. wrong again. always wrong (well, about the "buying stuff" image at least). so, anyone peeking at our registry will note that its canadian prices, and thus would have to think about exchange rates/charges to credit cards. delightful.

anyway, we get to the babies r us and i get a registry gun. we pass a few seriously pregnant people registering and i get even less enthused. then we pass row after row of stuff i dont like, dont want, or havent thought about. neither dave nor i were really finding things to scan. i want to do my research on-line for the best crib, stroller, car seat, breast pump, etc. in the end, i think we scanned like 12 things. and even some of that came up as "in-store only." riiiiight, so im not getting it. back at home, i found a few more things to add to the registry and then dave started combing review websites to see about the more expensive items.

one good take-away from the experience was that we decided that we are going to try to use the local craigslist-type website to get the big items. the babies r us had some really cool italian strollers that were heads and shoulders better/cooler than the cheaper/bulkier evenflo or graco brands. and while they cost a small fortune to purchase new, people are selling them used for less than half the price.

(a peg perego stroller. the "skate" model...its something like $600)

we also decided that we are going to get something called a "playard" instead of a traditional wooden crib. we dont have a nursery to decorate and all the furniture we currently have here will not be coming with us in the future, so why get a nice mahogany crib? i know at least two "regular" people who used these "playards" as cribs for their children and the kids are safe and happy and dont know the difference. plus, the playard packs up and travels so we have something to use in hotels or other peoples houses.

(an example playard by graco. its got a changing table (that folds out of the way), bassinet (which is removable), hanging padded crib surface (that is suspended up closer to the top), and later, when the kid weighs more, the crib surface can be lowered to the bottom and continue to be a bed or just be used as a playpen.)

so, these are our thoughts right now, perhaps after christmas and after more time goes by i'll get a little more interested in the details. im not worried about it, yet.

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