03 November 2009

Alarm readiness

the wee hours of the morning tested our alarm behavior.

at about 3a, the fire alarm in our apartment building went off. mmm. havent had to deal with this since living in the dorms. gotta take it seriously right? especially since the fire inspection was last month, anything that goes off should be real...and yet, i couldnt get myself to panic. i did, however, shoot right out of bed at the first sound of the alarm. i began thinking about what clothes to put on, the possible exit options we had, and that i needed to pack food (see, i thought about you too monster).

after i had some of these items flowing through my head i turned to dave and saw that he was barely stirring. i said "hey dave, do you hear that?" it was hilarious because he was mumbling and groggy and still sleeping. he later says this is because he had recently come to bed (about an hour to 30 minutes before 3a) but it took him a seriously long time to get up and react. meanwhile, i had listened to the activity outside, thought about nutmeg, and looked outside our windows for smoke (i also wasnt smelling any smoke and no one outside seemed to be panicking).

while i convinced dave to get clothes on and think about nutmeg, i layered up, packed snacks in my purse and grabbed my glass of water (who knows how long we were gonna be out there?). in the end, we decided that since it didnt appear to be a real fire, we didnt want to cause unnecessary trauma to the cat, so we let her hide under the bed (is that terrible? shes just been through so much lately...).

got outside to join all our neighbors in their pjs and someone said they had called 911 and told them that there wasnt an apparent fire but that the alarm was going off (apparently our building alarm isnt actually attached to any kind of notification system). id say less than 15 minutes from the time i heard the alarm in bed, the fire department showed up. while the first guys went inside, two more fire trucks showed up (including one with a huge ladder/bucket system), and a police responder truck came by. good to know they could all get there moderately quickly. makes ya feel good.

anyway, we were allowed to go back in a short while later and we went to sleep shortly after that. nutmeg wasnt traumatized at all so we were glad about that (although, our next door neighbor has a cat and she had brought it outside in its carrier). in the morning, i would continue to make fun of dave and his non-evolutionary response to the alarm.

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