25 October 2009

What a drag

today was a hodge podge, but at least we got out and did a few things, marking a day when i was feeling pretty good.

first, dave was supposed to participate in a halloween-costumed ultimate frisbee tournament in wolfville. we had the day planned out the night before which inevitably meant that the rain would wipe all that off the slate. poor dave. he got up, ate, showered, and prepared to pack his "pimps and hoes" themed costume (guys were the hoes, girls the pimps) all before 7a, when the tourny was canceled. :(

(dave rockin his sexy streetwalker get-up. the fate of nessie is entirely leaning toward confused and insane...)

so, we slept in and got on the road to wolfville around lunchtime, wanting to still see/do something today. the drive north was lovely and serene with the last flashes of fall colors burning on the trees. we arrived in the tiny town (less than 4000 residents, not including the temporary Acadia University student population) at around 1:30p. it was rainy and muddy but i had my rain boots. :)

we chose the "library pub" because we had heard it was upscale pub food with an amazing burger on the menu. apparently, this is actually very much a "foodie" town, so, in general, i think we will have to come back. anyway, in the upstairs pub overlooking main street we enjoyed a warm cup of cream of mushroom soup with a side of toasted bread and a local, free-range beef burger with a side of port wine bbq sauce which dave enjoyed. instead of fries, it came with warm pita bread and garlic dipping sauce. it seemed like a place where locals/professors hung out, so we liked the atmosphere.

after lunch, it was still rainy so we walked the tiny strip of main street looking for a sweet treat. we went into the "vegetarian lunchbox" and found some goodies that were fabulous. after dessert, we completed the loop around town and saw basically all of its dozen or so restaurants, plus its other offerings. we didnt walk around the acadia campus, though im sure we'll find a nicer day to do that in the future.

back in the car, we headed east to get back on the highway and drove through a small winery area that is apparently gaining some respect (of course, it also boasts some more lovely "foodie" restaurants and gorgeous b&bs). we turned on the road to grand pré which dead ends in the bay of fundy. the closer to the bay (and the dykes that hold back the water from the low-lying meadowland) we got, the shittier the road got. clearly people with cars boasting less than a foot of ground clearance dont come out this way. it reminded me of the scary logging roads we sometimes found ourselves on in the U.P. of michigan while chasing waterfalls.

anyway, we made it to high ground to park (next to two large trucks) and stepped out to get a view. on the map i had it indicated a lighthouse and nature preserve island just off shore. well, there was no lighthouse and the island looked bleak in the grey, windy, foggy chill. after such a bumpy, dirty drive, we didnt last very long here. when we turned back to the car, one of the guys with a truck was suiting up and rigging up to go fishing.

we said hello and dave asked him what he was fishing for. he said stripped bass. he offered to showed us how he rigged his 12 foot pole and chatted with us all the while. very friendly man who worked for amway at one point in life but now lives near mahone bay and builds gorgeous cabinets (gimme a house and i want him to build me a kitchen). he had driven up to attempt to catch his last bass of the year. the minimum is 27" and with the 12.5 meter tide today, he felt confident that he could get some good candidates biting his mackerel minnow baited 50 lb test line. so, in the end, the drive out there was interesting. :)

came home down the same autumn flaring highway and prepared for the dismal penn state game. another year where im glad i dont live in aa, id just be too depressed.


Trav said...

I think that the beard really makes the costume... for sure

Mary Ann said...

My son? My baby boy?!!!

Okay. I can't get beyond the photo. He had told me about the costume, but it's different when I actually see it. I'm going to go back and read your words now. Deep breath.

Jody said...

That picture of Dave just made my morning.

Although, a little disappointed that the link on the words chasing waterfalls didn't link to this:


Georgette said...

oh.my.god. That picture just made my day!

nlk731 said...

Wow, Dave has some impressive legs, I think I'm jealous.

Also, everyone wants a 'ho with facial hair, I bet he'd command top dollar ;-)

Sarah said...

wow - everyone said just about any witty comment i could come up so i'll stick with wow.