12 October 2009

Re-gatta pumpkin race

lovely fall day and nearby a town was having a giant pumpkin regatta...

last day with daves parents was finally spent in the sunlight! :) we drove about an hour north, near the bay of fundy, to the town of windsor (not that windsor, the nova scotia version). they call themselves, "the little town of big firsts." they claim to have begun the game of hockey, and they also are famous for their giant pumpkins. back in 1999, some genius thought it would be a tourist draw to carve some of the giant pumpkins out and paddle them like kayaks across the local lake (lake pesaqid)...thus the pumpkin regatta was born.

first, they have a parade through town with local supporters and trucks towing all the boat entries (the pumpkins can weigh upwards of 1400 pounds!). the town crier started things off, candy was thrown for the kids, and it was a cute little parade. next was about an hour and a half wait for the boats to get set up across the lake. on the finish line side of the lake (where we were), there were food stands with pumpkin products, fall products, fried goodies, and chili tastings set up.

(town crier; pumpkin car; pretty horsies!; dave and his mom by the town statue to the man who encouraged the giant pumpkin growing in windsor)

there were two heats of pumpkin racing (motorized and human-powered. motorized only had 3 entries and was lame!). by the time the races were started, thousands of people had lined the lakes edge. pretty cool. after fueling up with a tasty $1 slice of pumpkin cake, we watched the paddling winners come in to the dock. i cant imagine how cold the water was, or how painful it must be on their shoulders by the time they hit the finish line but it is quite a funny and weird sight to see something like 50 pumpkins bobbing in the water, charging forward with people inside.

(view across the lake to the starting line. maybe you can barely see the little bobbing pumpkins; and theyre off! those three were super close for almost the whole race!; coming in to the finish line...)


Trav said...

and that's why canada is cooler than the u.s. that takes spirit and muscle, people! (and i'm loving the beard on dave!)

Georgette said...

I like the beard on Dave too :)