05 October 2009

Rainfall doesnt affect tourists

well, today was WET!

it was decided that although it was raining, we would have a driving tour day of some nearby cute towns. being sunday and quite damp, i thought it might be a decent time to have a bit of things to ourselves. nope. first stop was mahone bay. wet, wet, wet. the first restaurant we tried the lady said "we're full. sorry. you can try and come back in half an hour, but no guarantees." what kind of way to run a business is that? got a similar story at the next place we tried.

finally, the saltspray cafe agreed to take us in. they had quite a few customers and it took almost an hour for food to arrive at the table. the people were friendly though, and all the old people tourists in the place were cute. its october. most regular tourists are gone except for retirees. but i dont blame them for coming. the fall colors are starting and mahone bay is cute and had a scarecrow festival going on. had it not been raining, we could have gotten some pictures of the the charlie chaplin, royal family, obama, and other scarecrows.

last stop was peggys cove. the drive there and back to halifax was beautiful and we barely saw a soul. unfortunately dee dee's ice cream was closed. not surprising since the weather was crap. oh well. at least we found some things to do on a rainy day.

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