18 October 2009

Ore-gon[e] is my sense of sanity

to summarize...saturday was fun.

the day began with a visit to the regular vet to check on nutmegs butt. apparently it didnt heal at all (even though she was wearing a cone for 4 days). they cleaned it up and suggested surgery to close the wound since she appears to have fought the infection well. they did her blood work ($90) to help speed up the surgery procedure we would have to have done at the local emergency vet since the regular vet wasnt open long enough on saturdays to accommodate. great.

back at home, dave packed and readied for his geology conference in portland, oregon. he will be back on thursday afternoon and has to give two talks (one sunday, one monday). he has a flight to newark and then the long haul over to portland. of course, his flight to newark was sufficiently delayed so as to make him miss his flight to portland tonight. my friend near NYC, amy, prepared to host dave for the night (thanks!), but the ticket lady got him on a flight to houston. he will have to spend the night there, but he gets to portland a bit earlier on sunday than newark could offer him. thankfully, using facebook, he was able to snag a night at a friends house who works at an oil company down there. okay, so thats good, i guess. (hopefully they havent canceled his hotel reservation in portland that he never made it to today...)

anyway, back to the cat. on the way to the airport we dropped her off (this surgery apparently takes 10 minutes, but they need to do stuff to her a couple hours before and then monitor a couple hours after). we arrive at the airport and they have examined her and called us. she has a slight heart murmur apparently which means her chances of dying under anesthetic are increased from that of a normal, healthy cat. sweet. but it seems this wound aint healing on its own and shes already felt like crap for over a week so lets get it done and hope for the best.

six hours later, i am able to come pick her up. the surgery totals just under $600. awesome. she needs to wear the collar for another 10 days and i need to give her two different kinds of liquid medications. both of which can make her barf. fun. and im alone for the next 5 days.

oh, and did i mention weve been having problems with our heat? so for about a week the heat has been totally off. it was fixed mid-week and then stopped working again. today, maintenance came again and "fixed" it. now it has broken in the stuck ON position. i had an awesome headache last night sleeping in my sauna while the wench upstairs blasted the SAME dance party song over and over until 12:30a. meanwhile, the cat was trying to snuggle in to warm me up further with her 12 pounds of body fat and accompanying licking noises in my ear. i had to open the windows to the cold night and waver between cold shoulders and a sweating ass. id rather have the heat broken OFF, any day.

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Trav said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortunes, I really am. BUT THIS IS SO FUNNY! Particularly Nutmeg snuggling into you while you're so hot... Mags does that...

Feel better sweet pea!