19 October 2009

Nutmeg and her amazing technicolor vom-coating

i slept like...2 hours last night.

on sunday, i successfully gave the cat her 3 doses of liquid meds. nothing came up during normal human hours but she was acting very, very off. sleepy and creepy (staring at the floor or wall for 15-45 minutes at a time). she stayed away from me most of the day but at bed time she hopped up on the bed and stayed by my feet. i had a hard time falling asleep, but i think i was finally there when she woke me up gagging at 4:30a. tried to push her off the bed but i felt bad about her cone and didnt want to break her neck, so i didnt shove as forcefully as normal. cut to the bedroom 2 minutes later and im crying, searching for my glasses, reaching for the light switch while trying to corral the cat and dance around the piles of puke.

she ended up soiling all three layers on my bed linens and dirtied the floor. is was on her face and ALL over the cone. and she had wretched so hard that the last round was reddish/bloody. sweet, sweet and more sweet. panic. i get her out of the room. clean up her face and collar and call the emergency vet. i dont know what time it is, what day it is, or even when she had her surgery. the lady said it was likely caused by the meds she was taking so take away her food and water and dont give anymore meds until i can get to our vet. fine. seems reasonable since the cat is already acting more normal and active.

i clean up the vom, bundle up the bogus bed linens, and find some makeshift pieces to sleep on so i can get back to sleep. i lock her out of my room and am basically unable to go back to sleep until i can call the vet at 8a. they can see her in an hour. good. another $117 later, she is off the meds, doesnt have kidney failure, and is shot up with kitty zantac. we get to come back tomorrow morning for her drainage tube to be removed. i am just so excited i cant even spell it out for you. or maybe thats because i am so bleary-eyed tired. mmm.


Tweety said...

Ugh....poor you and the cat!!! What a horrific ordeal. I hope she is better soon and peace can rain in your house again.

Trav said...

Wow. This cat is getting a lot of love and attention. Dave needs to come home and give you love and attention.

Mary Ann said...

I'm hoping that tonight will bring you sleep and Nutmeg some peace. What a time for David to be gone!

Sarah said...

poor nutmeg