04 October 2009

A little bit of france, a lot of disappointment

farmers market and football disappointed today.

took the in-laws to the farmers market. there is a crepe stand in the market that is always busy so we decided to try it and see if it could take us back to rennes. no dice. the gallette was too thin and yet still kind of rubbery and the ingredients (cheddar cheese!? they dont even have cheddar in france) were less than impressive. it had the look, but the taste was not the same. damn these seasoned tastebuds.

next was a stop at the boulangerie la vendeenne stand in the market. recommended by the real french people we know here as the only place with baguettes that come close to france. so, we bought two baguettes and a pain au chocolat. the baguettes turned out to be pretty darn good, though they seemed much larger than the ones in france. the pain au chocolat, despite being made with the proper type of chocolate (kudos), was crap. if it were actually made in france, it would be a front-runner for worst pain au chocolat in the nation.

i guess you win some, you lose some. next we hit the grocery store and susies shortbread for some gourmet cupcakes (everyone loved them!) to gather our lunch items. we toured a bit of the town and got back to our apartment in time to set up camp in front of the computer for the UM v MSU football game. how frustrating. our team looked like they never showed up. did zombies get off the bus and play in their stead? disappointing. tate breathed a bit of life and excitement to get things into overtime, when our computer promptly froze and forbade us from watching the embarrassing conclusion. HATE losing to state. grrrr.

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