25 October 2009

Like a fat kid eat chocolate lake

took advantage of a nice fall day.

slept in til noon. oops. dave made raisin and brown sugar pancakes. score! then we realized it was in the low 60s and sunny so we got dressed (me in rain boots because of all the rain from the previous day. getting lots of use out of those things!) and headed to the rec area nearby we had heard about called chocolate lake.

found, um, there is literally a rec center there, which i think is the main draw because chocolate lake is a filled-in quarry that is void of animal life and has lots of houses on it. there is also a small beach. weird. didnt spend much time there but we had some errands to do so at least we could stay out and about in the weather.

(wanted to see if my rain boots were fully water tight. yup! also, these are my newest pair of jcrew cords. eggplant color. got them in august. wasnt about to put them away for a year because i couldnt fit. thus, notice the brown bella band.)

here is where things get dicey. first stop was the drug store for some much needed items. while waiting for a few photos to print, we perused some of the less necessary aisles. as ive begun feeling better, more food categories have rejoined the "palatable" group. this doesnt exclude junk food unfortunately. i bought yogurt gummy fruits (hey, they had yogurt in them. and no artificial flavors), a yogurt smoothie (yoplait, but the #3 ingredient was sugar), and a bag of pistachios. yum!

promptly drank the smoothie and ripped open the bag of gummies while on the way to the mall to exchange my new Gap yoga pants for a different size. once inside the mall, a salted soft pretzel fresh out of the oven caught my nose. into the belly. last stop was the grocery store. here i wanted...everything. "put it all in my mouth and what wont fit, put it in the cart." i felt like a kid released from fat camp. finally, good looking food!

back at home i snacked on the bag of pistachios and tried out some new chips and salsa. somehow i was able to convince myself to put the bags away and stop eating before i burst. and later that evening, i attempted to embark on dinner for my final swan song. a bit of warm baguette with cheese to start and chicken, mushrooms, and corn for the main dish. yeah, i barely made it to the main event. had a few bites and decided i felt sick.

so, i counted that as my gorge weekend celebrating partially rejoining the non-dietarially crippled. i gave myself that day to "fall off the wagon" and will make smarter, healthier food choices in the months to come. not because i have to, but really, that crap made me sick. i just havent had a "eyes bigger than your stomach" type day in a LONG time. i guess my halloween came early. honestly, i should have known things were getting bad when, before i took a bite of something, i would say "sorry kiddo!"


Georgette said...

That belly band looks like a tank top under your shirt - you can't tell what it actually is. Cool!

Trav said...

OK, it looks like you're going to be one of those people who think they are unattractive pregnant... but they look GREAT! You look AWESOME!!!