13 October 2009

I'd rather be looking at a turkeys butt

today is canadas thanksgiving.

way too early if you ask me. turkey does not come before halloween candy. at any rate, with only two people and no one inviting us to their family shindig, we did not get to feast on turkey and gravy today. :( we stayed in and stayed warm and dave got work done.

what we did get, was an enjoyable nutmeg butt experience. her anal gland issue that befell her in july returned. poor thing. recently, she was acting slightly "off," so, preemptively, we took her in on saturday. she indeed had a fever, so they gave her a 2-week long antibiotic shot and said they couldnt find evidence of anal gland blockage. a $220 mystery...now solved.

monday. thanksgiving. its a holiday. of course this is when her real issue occurs. all of the sudden shes bleeding and wandering around the house feeling uncomfortable. but shes still interested in eating and drinking and shes had that shot, so we opt to hold off on the vet until tuesday morning (for another $75 dose of fun. this visit results in her having to wear a cone for a few days while the sore heals up).

(butts and thanksgiving reminded me of this Friends episode dave and i recently re-watched)

(nutmeg with her collar on. she cannot figure how to walk around in the thing and thus it freaks her out. her only real comfort zone is our bed. she normally NEVER sleeps like this, but lately shes been wiggling in, cone first, to sleep right up by my face. dave caught this lovely pic.)


Sarah said...

awww poor nutmeg

nlk731 said...

i feel so bad for your kitty and for you, but she's pretty damn cute in the sleepy kitty picture!

Georgette said...

awww, that is the cutest Nutmeg picture ever! I hope she feels better soon :(

Trav said...

I love sleepy pictures! It's a little poopy that she's all interested in being friends only when she's upset..