29 October 2009

Hot air 12 - Halifax reading

seeing as how baby books are in my future, and im tired at night, and reading just isnt a top priority lately...im putting my list of "things read since i got here" out. these are the things i actually finished. the long list of books i gave up on is somewhat embarrassing.

-"Reflections on the Guillotine" by Albert Camus
great essay arguing against the death penalty. takes the logic and fact-based arguments rather than the emotional ones.

-The Last Fish Tale by Mark Kurlansky
audio read this on our august road trip. great bio of the remarkable fishing village of gloucester, massachusetts. the fishing history of this town has a surprising number of ties to nova scotia. for example, we learned of the famous canadian sailing boat, the bluenose, that was made in lunenburg (in response to winning boats from gloucester), was undefeated for 17 years, and is featured on the canadian dime. we also learned about the famous artists inspired by gloucester: fitz henry lane, winslow homer, edward hopper, stuart davis, emile gruppe, t.s. eliot, rudyard kipling, and virginia lee burton. interesting read. scrappy little fishing town.

-Without a Map by Meredith Hall
a memoir. the womans life is totally fractured when she becomes pregnant at age 16 in 1965. she shares parts of her harrowing journey back to humanity. at one point, she is a fisherman in gloucester for a year (interesting connection to the previous book), walks thousands of miles in europe, graduates college at age 44, and has two sons who end up growing up with the son she had as a teenager when he comes looking for her. interesting.

of course, new yorker articles:
-brief article about the u.s. fear of change as it relates to health care reform
-brief article about H1N1 vaccine and its affect on public fears
-short article about free diving. interesting look at the people of the "worlds second most dangerous sport."
-short funny piece from david sedaris. comedy about australia. made me think of glen. :)
-short article about amelia earhart and some of the literature written about her
- in-depth article about our nations health care costs. good info for people on both sides of the argument. written in a thought provoking way, not dry.
-in-depth article about arizona sheriff joe arpaio. nasty, arrogant guy who gets off on treating criminals like dirt. and now hes padded his job resume to take on illegal immigrants.

-lastly, not a book, but a bit of comedic video featuring glen frolicking in london for a friends song. you gotta laugh.

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nlk731 said...

I've read the Arpaio article and unfortunately seen some work similar to his first hand. ew.