03 October 2009

Brooklyn with the in-laws

daves parents arrived by car for a visit. :)

the in-laws left michigan last week and drove to albany to visit daves sister last weekend and then took their time driving new england and new brunswick to arrive in nova scotia today. we met them after work and decided on the brooklyn warehouse for dinner.

it has a cozy cafe feel and has nice warm, dark wood everywhere. we started with a warm hummus appetizer and a pate appetizer. dave got a delicious vegetarian pasta dish, i had a standard burger, and the in-laws got the rabbit dish. looked SO yummy. as with most canadian places, the service seemed a bit slow, but we enjoyed our meal and the company. i would come back again. it was very strange not going out by ourselves. visitors are nice. :)

The Brooklyn Warehouse on Urbanspoon


Dave said...

How are you going to write about the appetizers and not mention the warm olives and bread that came with the hummus? Best part! :P

lotus said...

did you also want me mentioning the part where you burnt your mouth on the warm olive? ;p