04 September 2009

What a week

going into the weekend on a good note.

starting off the morning, dave got a call that his corrected work permit was ready for pick up. yay! then i went for my full-time job interview. this is a research coordinator position at the IWK health centre. it would be a maternity replacement for the woman who coordinates the large childrens mental health grants there.

i met with the woman, the head doctor on the grant, and the administrative guy. they were all very friendly and interesting people. they had one of the more structured interview question sessions id ever experienced but nothing really through me off guard. sounds like they were interviewing maybe 4-6 people for this position so we'll see. it seemed more coordination than science to me, so perhaps if i think about it more, the part-time research job will sound better anyway. then i would be left open and available for another part-time research opportunity.

when i got back from the interview, i picked up my movie on hold at the library, "rainbow brite and the star stealer." serious nostalgia people. loved rainbow brite as a kid, had her on my bed comforter. it was a fun way to wind down the day and get ready for the weekend...michigan football!!!


Mary Ann said...

How large are these children?

Now I can admit it. Once in a while I crave Mr. Rogers. There.

lotus said...

lol. god, i see how that was worded...no, i meant a large grant of money for childrens mental health. :)