11 September 2009

SIN and insurance

another round of necessary errands.

to start my job, i need a SIN number. we headed to the dartmouth branch where we got daves SIN because we had other things going on on that side of the bridge. it was quick and easy: she printed my number on the spot and the card will come shortly in the mail. she also gave me a couple of booklets about employee services and benefits (these would be the services and benefits available to all canadian workers, at the national level).

since we were in dartmouth, we had to stop at the "our thyme cafe" and get a tasty and inexpensive meal. LOVE the smoothies.

next up, insurance. our bank, RBC, has a separate branch for insurance policies. dartmouth was the closet branch to go visit in person. we were able to get renters insurance on the spot, but the car insurance is proving to be trickier.

unless we want to pay the rates of a 16 year old driver, we have to prove 6+ years of insured driving and provide a driving record report from our secretary of state (drivers abstract). thankfully the insurance proof was free from our past u.s. company and the drivers abstract is less than $10 (per person), but its a pain in the ass to have to order them and get them to us here in canada. once we get this taken care of, it means a nice low rate and it also means we can go get our nova scotian license plate. woo hoo!

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