03 September 2009

Round 2 is a knock out

had the second interview for the part-time job. got it!

after reading two of her papers (one was a chapter from her book and the other was a recent publication of hers) i came in to discuss them with her. she wanted to see what i got from them and to see if the topics/ideas are of interest to me.

her work is in the area of health policy, particularly health inequality/inequity (how to identify, characterize it, etc) and how to allocate resources to reduce the inequalities. health policy was not an area i focused on during my epidemiology studies, but its certainly something of interest to me professionally and personally. learning more about this field and how things can move from academia to affecting real government change is also of interest to me.

long story short. it would appear that she liked what i had to say or rather what i found in her writings to be interesting. she seems to be a strong scientist and a nice woman. i have the other interview tomorrow and then i will have a decision to make.