20 September 2009

Peggy's cove[ted] shoreline

visited nearby peggy's cove today.

took the scenic route from halifax to peggy's cove. lots of windy roads along the coast with lovely scenery and water. peggy's cove is one of the many coastal villages on the southern side of nova scotia. its about 45 minutes southwest of halifax. its actually barely a village. it consists of some very old docks and perhaps a dozen buildings. but, it has a lighthouse and some great preserved land surrounding the rocky shoreline. very rugged. and quite a tourist destination.

(dave by the inlet near the visitors parking lot; me and the lighthouse; me and [we assume] a whale vertebrae; a fishing shack in the village; view of the village from the lighthouse area)

as with any good tourist destination, there is an ice cream shop. but this is an amazing ice cream shop called dee dee's. local homemade ice cream that is seriously quality and gourmet. flavors like lavender (really tastes like lavender, but not in a gross way) and banana cardamom. the mint chocolate chip (which dave got, of course) was not neon green, it was just real mint flavor in a cool, smooth scoop. refreshing. and me, i got the nova scotia berry. really colorful, and flavorful, and had lots of berry seeds. more fruity than sugary. this was just good ice cream. and i dont like ice cream. i see from their website that they also make homemade ice cream sandwiches...the mint brownie and ginger lemon look to die for!

all in all, it was a nice little excursion. i was glad dave suggested it and that we got out finally. i needed it. :)


Dave said...

Now I want to go back. That ice cream was yummy.

Sarah said...

alllllyce where did you go? 2 weeks is so loooooonnnnngg without a post. okay - done whining!