06 September 2009

Michigan what!?

Michigan football is here!

amid controversy and predictions of a loss, we called around to the local sports bars to see if they would be broadcasting our game. no dice. thankfully, dave had a back-up plan: www.justin.tv/. you can find numerous users broadcasting from their television (most in decent quality) basically anything you can imagine, including sports games.

to prep for the game, we ordered a pizza from ristorante a mano (pretty tasty) and watched the mgoblog football season hype video. its actually really well done. starts out depressing, in black and white with song lyrics to match and builds and builds until it and the song burst into color. the lyrics actually go really well with the video and the sentiments expressed. i guess there are a few interesting things to be pulled from the website dave is so obsessed with, and that patrick has only encouraged a deeper obsession (thanks.).

and if you dont already know...WE WON! kicked butt in fact (and if you didnt know that, you arent my friend. j/k.).

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Jody said...

Go Blue! We were camping all weekend (but ventured out of the woods to catch the game, of course). We got home monday afternoon after literally 3 hours of sleep the night before, and not having showered in 4 days. What's the first thing Patrick does? check mgoblog. not shower, not sleep, but catch up on what the blog was saying about the game...that we watched.