13 September 2009

Indian summer squashes irish luck

had a nice morning followed by some awesome football.

started out trying the cafe down the street called wired monk. walking toward the harbor, the sun was out, and it was hot! how long will this indian summer last? to enjoy it, we shared a smoothie and club sandwich and got right back out on the streets when we were finished. people seemed to be soaking it up. it was great.

we wandered into the fancy camera store on our street when we got a bit sweaty to get a feel for some point-and-shot cameras dave had been researching (im about at the end of my patience with our old one. its had a nice long life with us since 2002 but i need something that can take more than one photo per minute.) anyway, found out the camera guy helping us had recently come back from a long hike in nepal, same area dave has done field work. funny. cool.

next up was a falafel sandwich that was enjoyed in the shade of the trees by the library. some totally wacky musical dance was going on on the lawn. girls in red t-shirts doing a weird interpretive dance...anyway, sandwich done meant it was time to come back and get settled for an evening of football.

caught MSU and its losing embarrassment (ha!). then watched UM silence the irish for another year (we whooped and shouted to the point where i think neighbors were probably concerned). such an amazing game!! capped off by a tasty OSU loss. great football weekend. :)

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