07 September 2009

French connection

french delights day.

this morning dave was signed in to skype and lo and behold...we got a call from jj. had an impromptu 30 minute discussion in french. phew! keeps me on my toes. :) it was nice to talk to you jj (and see you. we both had our web cams on). glad things are going well in brittany. :)

to cap off the french day, we found a great deal on filet mignon at petes frootique and dave made a fabulous meal for us. yum yum yum. he still misses the french food every day of our lives here. :(

(some random apartment pics: two of the "living room" and two of the bedroom. the dresser has jodys bday gifts and the closet has the breton flag gift i got from jj. thanks guys!)

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Susan said...

Very cute apartment. It sure is nice to see Nutmeg back with her mom and dad!! She seems content and is probably glad to be back with you.