16 September 2009

First day of work

a rainy day is a good day to work.

first day of work today. of course it had to rain. but thankfully, i was prepared, even looking forward to it. just this past weekend i had bought my very own pair of rain boots. yay!

(me and the rain boots. did i mention that working in academia is awesome? you can go to work looking like a slob every day and no one cares. bonus.)

got my office set up, computer set up, figured out what things i can get to work on right away, and started to take care of some of the beginning administrative things. its my first time being a part-time worker so itll be interesting to see how long it takes before i feel like i know the people on my floor. we shall see.

came home to find nutmeg sitting in the box my rain boots came in. weirdo. at least she likes things that are free. dave also made a chard and rapini lasagna tonight that i found to be WAY too bitter (it was the rapinis fault) but was a masterful way to use our new fresh veggies.

(nutmeg in the rain boot box. it looks like shes trying to poop. but she isnt. she sleeps in here now.)


Trav said...

love the boots!

Susan said...

Love the Nutmeg in the box of the cute boots!

nlk731 said...

holy crap, that cat is fat! she's making Delilah look thin. How did that happen?

Mary Ann said...

Love the boots. David is becoming quite the cook, in that he isn't afraid to try new things. And, as for Nutmeg... What can I say? There must be something witty to say about cats sitting in boxes, but I'm drawing a blank. Too early. Good luck, Alyce. Congrats.