03 September 2009

Elderly car


car in for the repair of "check engine light" we had during the road trip. it also needed an oil change. while searching for problems, they also told us our tires were scalloped, a front sway bar was broken, and the exhaust was cracked. yippee! future repairs. as it was, a new ERG valve and an oil change = $290.

but, something nice today was that dave had orientation at dalhousie for new post-docs and faculty. in his working group was a nice new faculty in the nursing department, specifically in the maternal/child health area. he asked for her email and if she would mind if i contacted her (thanks dave!). i emailed her and i think in a week or two we will meet. cool.

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Mary Ann said...

There's that silver lining. I know there's a spot for you, Alyce. Not that car problems aren't aggravating. We still have to get the Envoy in. Megan and Courtney had problems with it up north. The reason we haven't had it checked out is because we don't want to know the diagnosis if it's bad. You're right. G-r-r-r.