09 September 2009

Bountiful harvest

many good things.

decided to take the part-time health policy job, so today i went in to get the paperwork necessary to get a SIN and be able to get in the system. went over the job tasks again, i get to be involved in many different and interesting things. i get to learn lots of new things up front so that will please my brain. my office mate seems nice and my boss seems very friendly and positive.

after getting home with the paperwork, i opened an email and had a request for another job interview. turned it down of course, but nice to know i made that cut.

in the evening, we went to the grainery co-op to pick up our much anticipated food basket. we signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) which partners a consumer with moon fire farms and once a week the consumer gets a large bag of fresh, organic fruits and veggies. $23 per week for 13 weeks. not a bad deal. here is what came this week, for example:

- swiss chard - 3/4 lb
- rapini - 1/2 lb
- dragon tongue beans - 1/2 lb
- sultan crescent yellow beans - 1/2 lb
- stupice tomatoes - 1 lb
- potatoes - 1.5 lb
- blueberries - 1 pint
- apples - 3
- cucumber - 1
- mixed fresh greens - 1 bag
- onions - 1 red / 1 white
- garlic
- basil

(the items in the food basket)

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Jody said...

yay! congrats on the job! sounds like you're in high demand in canada, eh?

also, let me know how you like the food basket? We have a drop in our neighborhood that I've considered from time to time, but I always think it will be too much food for two people to actually consume before it goes bad.