18 August 2009

We got the heat

toured new york state today.

woke up in albany. checked my email while dave was showering and got a job interview for that part-time position i mentioned. monday, august 24. sounds good to me. things are lookin up.

got in the car and headed south on I-87 to meet nyack friends amy and tony in new paltz, ny. what a cute place! unique stores on the main street, hippie-vibe, and a SUNY branch college town. plus the scenery was great. our goal was to take a hike in the nearby mohonk mountains. unfortunately it was once again 90+ degrees. so, before we committed to hiking, we decided to eat lunch.

there seemed to be an abundance of southwestern-influenced food around here, so we chose a bar with a huge beer list and some spicy food. win! after we were full and thoroughly enjoying the air-conditioning, we decided it just wouldnt be smart to do a 3 mile climb in the heat. it sounded like fun though, and the area is lovely, so i would definitely love to come back.

our next destination: scary outlet shopping. there were some things we REALLY needed, and a few things i just plain wanted. so we hit the hugest outlet ever, woodbury commons. with 220 stores, many of which are premium brands, i am pretty sure this is every NYC tourists exterior bargain shopping adventure. busloads of people, asians in particular, were dumped into this place. the lots were full and people were maxing out their credit cards. as amy said, "what financial crisis?"

after getting my fill of "back to school" shopping (all of our shopping tolerances are pretty low) we loaded up the cars and headed "home" to nyack. in the fun pink house in a cute town along the hudson river, we grazed for dinner due to lack of energy and the heat. thanks to tonys food allergies, i discovered i really enjoy sheep cheese. creamy and salty, cacio de roma is really good stuff!

the basement was the most bearable spot to be in the humidity, so we decided it would be smart to have a rockband 2 marathon all night. yes, very smart indeed. :)

(dave on drums; the wacko homeowners on guitar and bass. maggie the dog is pitching in too. no pics of me, the "singer," because just looking at a pic of that would crack the screen of your monitor.)

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