31 August 2009

Permitted to work!!

successes today!

upon opening our tiny silver mailbox, i found...a letter from immigration. i have a work permit! and its correct! and it is "open" and allows me to work anywhere (as long as its not in child care, teaching, or doctoring anyone...no problem). oh joy!

and also, i signed up for a weekly yoga class that is right across the street, literally, from our apartment. and the classes are less than $6 a piece. FANtastic!


Trav said...

Any word on the job interview?

Mary Ann said...

Six dollar yoga? Right across the street? Sounds like a good omen to me. I think good things are coming your way.

Martin said...

Oh such a shame! You can't teach! But I thought you LOOOOOOVED it! :P

Glen said...

Not teaching is probably not a problem for you huh? Had enough for one lifetime?