23 August 2009

Oh, come on bill

less than 12 hours after we arrive home safely from vacation, we get hit with a hurricane. come on!

thankfully, we made it home by dinner time on saturday. what was not amusing was the smell of cat pee. while i wanted to beat the cat within an inch of her life, i knew that it wasnt fair to be so angry at her. she was new to this apartment (we'd been in for a week before we left her alone) and she has serious mental issues with her expected levels of litter box cleanliness. while i set off cleaning our place up, dave set off for the grocery store to get us some food so we'd have something in case the hurricane handicapped us.

cleaned up, started to air things out, ate dinner, unpacked, etc. that night, rain and some wind starting coming in. by morning, bill was greeting us with more force. heavy rain and high winds. no matter. we still had power and dave was making me some deliciously crispy ricotta cheese and blueberry pancakes. :) after cleanup, the wind took out the power for a couple hours. but, it was light enough outside to provide light for reading. so when the power came back on at 3p, we were doing just fine. a sunday stuck inside after a busy vacation was actually not unwelcome.

from the weather channel, i kept tabs on the series of projected paths for bill (he ended up being only category 1 when he got here):

(pictures of bill near peggys cove, just west of halifax. some of these idiots were swept out to sea and had to be rescued with taxpayer money)

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