14 August 2009

Mixed cat bag

tried a new restaurant today, enjoyed the cattiness more than the food.

dave and i wanted to grab take-out lunch before i dropped him at work. we found a "best of" place that looked promising. the coastal cafe is a bit north of us but had a great description on their homepage. the owner seemed sassy and frank and at the end of it all writes, "oh, and i love cats." we were intrigued to check this place out.

cool atmosphere, delicious-sounding menu, and pictures of his cats proudly displayed. win. we ordered our food and waited, waited, waited...okay, so the wait time is annoying. thankfully, we got to flip through the "cat out of the bag" cartoon book to pass the time. HILarious. nearly every storyboard had a kittie engaging in some goofy thing nutmeg always does. glad she gets her idiocy from the rest of her race, we were beginning to think we had the most mentally deficient cat on the planet. (martin, i will post pics of her soon...)

(i suspect these may only be funny to cat owners...)

anyway, by the time i got my food home is was a bit cold and 'eh,' but all the correct ingredients for tastiness were there. i think we will have to try this again. sitting down and bringing a newspaper or other items to occupy our time while we wait. i think it still has something to offer.


Jody said...

I bet this is Ntina's favorite post ever on your blog.

Dave said...

What happened to the swinging belly comic? That's a Nutmeg specialty.

nlk731 said...

sigh...sarah has FOUR cats yet I will never beat this rap...