05 August 2009

Mexico lindo-nt

more "takin care of business" activities.

picked dave up from work for dinner. chose the much raved about "mexico lindo." from what weve been reading, it seems about ten years ago you woulda been hard pressed to find anything for dinner besides steak and potatoes in nova scotia. since then, there has been an influx of ethnic foods to the area (thai, vietnamese, filipino, mexican, indian, etc). there is still a long way to go, but i guess i should be grateful for having options? this mexican food, however, was blah. bland and simple and uninspired. the service was fast and the prices cheap, but we wont be back. :(

after dinner, we drove to pick up a futon we had seen on-line. the people were really friendly (surfers who frequent lawrencetown beach) and even delivered the futon for free when it wouldnt fit in our car. we also got a table for cheap from them. futon + table = $60. now we have a sleeping place for guests!

while driving away from the futon house, we noticed a HUGE industrial park (bayers lake). they have a costco here! weird. there are no Target stores in this country but they have a costco. interesting.

anyway, while moving the table and miscellaneous items into the apartment. our new neighbor in #204 stopped by to say hello and introduce himself. he is a free-lance animator (apparently there is a decent sized film industry here) who has lived here for 5 years. nice guy.

and if youre overly bored with my furnishing-the-apartment stories, you can play around with these fun things i found recently:

1. garfield-minus-garfield comics. dave directed me to this the other day. the artist erases garfield from the official comics and possibly creates something funnier. relevant funny examples:

2. NYT article about viewing art in museums, the louvre in particular. had many of the same sentiments we felt when we were there.

3. the "im on a boat" video. FINALLY saw this. i feel that it lived up to the hype! (this is what happens when you people dont keep me informed of the pop culture going on back home...)

4. beer building in brussels, near the atomium structure. cool, we were there! but the beer building wasnt there at the time. :(

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