12 August 2009

Lets see what we get this time

different day, different results?

went out to the library and mixed in with the locals and tourists alike. fantastic weather. love being this close to the action. got some money, books, lunch, and good spirits. :) when i get back to the computer, i find an email for a potential part-time job at the public health school. that would be great. the researcher even has a connection in bergen, norway...a university where dave applied for a professorship recently. interesting. i sent an email off letting them know i am interested...we shall see.

when dave got home, we decided to re-try the buskers festival. first we hit up a breakdancing show. it was GREAT! much better than the breakdancing in rennes, and way better than the dumb "bike boy" act from last time. this was troop of guys from the bronx who were MUSCULAR, flexible, energetic, and funny. great show. and, with a busker festival, the acts come for free and they rely on audience money/tips to get paid. i had no problem paying those guys. fun!

after the show, we wandered through to a few other stages but mostly caught the acts as they were wrapping up. there was a speedy artist who had just finished painting a huge elvis face upside down on canvas. cool, bummer we missed it. then we caught glimpses of some less fantastic things: a ball juggler with a phony latino accent and two goofy white guys jabbering more than they were actually performing acrobatic tricks. lame.

so, it would seem that the busker festival is a hodgepodge. i would not plan a vacation around it alone, but it is something fun to check out down by the waterfront.

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Meg said...

Job sounds great! Hope it works out.