02 August 2009

Keys in hand

saturday. another busy day.

first stop, getting the keys to our new place! yay! its as nice as we remember it so thats a plus. and they are bringing us a new stove in a few weeks and they built us an extra closet. this all seems good. now we just have to buy furniture! let the games begin.

(dave in the bedroom; z bathroom; the narrow kitchen. but hey, its a REAL kitchen this time; and dave in the "living room." so basically this place is maybe 500+ sq ft. spacious!)

to celebrate, we walked down the block to the city farmers market. it was getting near closing time (1p) but we made a quick survey of the stands. lots and lots of stuff. i will feel better about being a regular there when i have some kind of job (things there werent as cheap as in rennes) but it has some nice things to offer. we bought a blueberry kiss cupcake from susies. yum. dense, moist vanilla cake with lemon flavor throughout topped with real blueberry frosting. mm mm mmm. we also bought a tiny brick of $6 chocolate hash (i swear this was the name, though it has no relation to marijuana).

our next stop was daves boss' house. he had a free chair waiting for us in his shed. he wasnt home so we pulled up, went straight for the backyard, and emerged with a decent chair that we loaded in our car and brought to the new place. not a bad start. and at least it was free.

now we are hungry. we head up to the hydrostone area that i read had a "little europe." there is a french bakery, an italian place, and a couple gourmet places and a bistro. there is also a sushi place (because that fits in). nothing is really whipping us into excitement so we pick the sushi place. ack. the sushi was very ho hum and we were bummed we wasted our money. but, across the street is a "brew your own beer" place, so at least dave can salvage the trip. we go in and talk to the guys about starting up homebrewing. they are very nice and welcoming and i think dave will be back.

now, we re-focus on filling the apartment. there are no yard sales where we are driving around so we stop at the halifax shopping centre to try and find good deals. the sears clearance outlet sells us a nice dish set for $16. then pier one sells us a cheap rug. then we head in to the nearby mall and hope for more good luck. nothing excited us at homestore, zellers, or regular sears so we go back to dartmouth. we locate the rest of the "big box" stores on our side of the harbor and hit up: kent (like a home depot) and atlantic superstore (like a meijer).

somewhere on this dartmouth trip we locate a petro canada gas station that is selling the phone dave wants (we are getting a pay-as-you-go phone, dave found these to be the best choice) and buy it. we now have a canadian phone number.

and now, once again, i am exhausted. we hole up in the apartment until after dark when we decide to walk down to the waterfront for the natal day fireworks show. natal day is a local holiday supposedly celebrating the first settlement of halifax/dartmouth. its celebrated similar to canada day apparently. growing up with the windsor/detroit fireworks, we were expecting something big.

it was a nice night for a walk and we could see other people filing out of their houses to get to the waterfront. we arrive and situated ourselves between the bridge and the opening of the harbor on some rocks close to the water. only a little bit late, a stream of fireworks start bursting in the sky. it almost seems like a finale rather than the opening of a fireworks show, but i'll take it! 2 minutes later the show stops. people seem confused. we all sit for another 5 minutes thinking "that cant be it...?" then another dose of fireworks goes off. these are set off at a more regular pace for about 5 minutes. no finale. then they stop. people start leaving...thats it??? and it really was. what the hell? you get hundreds/thousands of people out to watch that? i guess things really are bigger in the u.s.

(the halifax night skyline; some fireworks. woo!)

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