21 August 2009

Jamaican me crazy

from nyack to boston.

had a laid back breakfast in nyack while packing up and getting ready to say goodbye. did i mention that amy and tony are engaged!? yay! so we will be back next summer for their wedding. cant wait. something to look forward to thatll get me back to this area. please though...LESS heat!!

(parting shot of us at the pink house)

our plotted course back to boston took us right past an IKEA...so of course we had to stop in. got sucked into the hell portal that is swedish bargains and wound up with over $100 worth of stuff. do i need all this? grr.

anyway, arrived back on the quiet jamaica plains neighborhood street of jody and patrick. we picked a nearby restaurant and walked over for dinner. we had a mixed experience at the dogwood cafe. they refused to serve dave beer because he had a canadian license so there was "no way to verify/compare." boo. they had some good burgers. yay. and the chick delivering food from the kitchen had a huge, bouncy rack that we couldnt stop staring at. bonus?

post dinner treat was suggested by patrick and jody. a local ice cream joint called j.p. licks (j.p. = jamaica plains). there are a few "other" stores around boston, but we went to the original. big space, huge menu: hard ice creams, sorbets, hard lowfat yogurts, and soft nonfat yogurts. im not a big ice cream fan, so i got some soft serve coconut-flavored yogurt. YUMmy! a good, yet temporary way to try and cool off in this heat.

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