07 August 2009

Hockey hero and homard

random day.

today was a big day for the halifax area. sidney crosby, or "sid the kid," brought the stanley cup home to his town of cole harbor, just north of dartmouth, to celebrate his 22nd birthday. playing for the pittsburgh penguins, he is the youngest NHL captain to hoist the cup. there was a celebration for him in halifax and a parade in his hometown. we did not attend any of these festivities but tons of local signs and billboards announced his presence and congratulated him. kinda cool, especially since i found that nova scotia is the (partly debated) birthplace of hockey and dartmouth is home of the starr skate, which revolutionized the hockey skate.

another random item. we drove to the halifax airport to drop off vincent. we went in and had a drink with him before he went through security. NICE airport. it has won several customer service awards. small, but well equipped with food places and seriously great souvenir shops. if you make it through your nova scotia vacation without grabbing a touristy bauble, fear not, the airport is your saving grace. you can even buy a live lobster (in french: homard) packed on ice for the ride home! seriously, there were people actually buying them.

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Dave said...

Don't know if you want to edit your post to add this or not, but here's and article from ESPN about Sidney Crosby, the homecoming and Halifax area: