19 August 2009

Hide from the heat

going on several days without a break in the weather...im gonna snap.

when everyone in the house was awake and decent, we hit up our regular breakfast joint, strawberry place. one of those local places with a huge breakfast menu and heaping plates of good stuff. while eating, we plotted our day of going separate ways. the boys were doing manly errands while amy and i would take care of a very important task...seeing "the time travelers wife." plus, a movie theater meant...air conditioning!

as it turns out, the movie would only be interesting to someone who has read the book. it skips around way too much for an unprepared moviegoer. but rachel mcadams is heavenly and almost erased my rage that eric bana was chosen as henry. grrr. in the end, they chose to muck with the closing scene and leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. the book ending made more sense, and was totally hollywood doable.

anyway, after movie time, i holed up in the basement and watched too much tv. amy and tony were getting to work on a slightly complicated gluten-free pizza we were going to have for dinner and dave was catching a random ultimate frisbee game that was going on in town (he made like a million instant friends).

when we all came back together again, we devoured the pizza. once again, thanks to tonys allergies i was able to try something new. while gluten-free pizza doesnt have the same texture as regular pizza (its kinda crumbly), it was actually really good. i would request it again. and might be brave enough to try it out for ourselves one day.

(the crew while we were all together at one point today, in the backyard garden)

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