07 August 2009

Hanging out on the halifax side of the harbor

we're almost in. i can feel it in the air...

today i packed a few things we werent regularly using and brought them to the barrington apartment. after dropping dave off at work, i familiarized myself with our laundry room and washed our new sheets and towels. after unpacking and washing dishes (fun!), i met dave in the public garden for a sandwich lunch. it was a nice sunny day and there were tourists everywhere...but i wasnt one of them. i had just stepped off my front porch. :)

on the way home from lunch, i stopped in at the library on spring garden street. this is about 3 blocks from the apartment. i got myself a library card, used the internet, and located a few books. this downtown library reminded me of some combination of the undergraduate and graduate libraries (UGLi and "the stacks") at UM. not exactly what i am use to for a public library, but it was fine.

later, dave got off work and mentioned a goodbye pub gathering for our rennes friend, vincent, who was here doing research in halifax for a short while. we wanted to grab some food beforehand so we hit the pizza place down the street. ack. never again, gross, flavorless crap that im sure only gets sold to the late night drunkards. poop. woulda been nice to have a quick food option so close to the house.

we also had a short 2 block walk to the pub for drinks. so FUN being this close to everything! we sat in the basement of the lovely henry house pub with a group of scientists. real pub feel in an authentic 1800s building. dave enjoyed the beers on tap, i enjoyed my warm gingerbread and caramel dessert, and we both enjoyed chatting with a few new people. in particular, there was a biologist from prague and a native nova scotian getting ready to move down to houston for a job with exxon. he has never visited newfoundland or even prince edward island, but he is going to live thousands of miles away in TEXAS, of all places. i wish you luck guy.

anyway, the evening was nice and we made plans to drive vincent to the airport the next day. his girlfriend, christelle, had helped dave a lot while he was trying to move out so we wanted to repay them on this end if we could. as i went to say goodbye i realized *awkward* im not in france anymore. but we became friends in france. the standard was to double-kiss goodbye. but on my side of the ocean my natural reaction is to hug a friend goodbye. we both leaned in, so i went for the hug. lingered too long (well, normal-length for a hug) so that when vincent made the kissing noise to remind me to get to the other side of his face i was startled. *sigh* i dont fit in anywhere. so confused.

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