10 August 2009

Folksy fishermans village

got out of the city today.

we had heard the lunenburg folk festival praised highly, so we decided to check it out on the last day of the festivals weekend. a little more than an hour west of halifax, it was a nice little drive. we turned off the main highway and still had about 40 km to go.

the road took us right through an adorable village called mahone bay. charming main street. little rural churches and victorian homes. gorgeously intricate wrap-around porches. loved it. gotta stop back there sometime.

anyway, the drive was very pleasant all the way down to the town of lunenburg. when we arrived we found it to be a little bigger than mahone bay, but just as charming. in fact, lunenburg is a UNESCO world heritage site because it is the "best example of a planned british colonial settlement in north america." very cool architecture that, since its an UNESCO site, is very well preserved. such a cute town.

(lunenburg, as seen from the harbor. taken from google images.)

after scoring a free street parking spot, we followed our tummies to the salt shaker deli. their back porch faced the harbor and the folk music from the stage wafted into the busy lunchroom. we enjoyed seafood chowder, cold propeller beverages, and a gourmet veggie sandwich. the chowder was good but i think i was denied the haddock that was supposed to be in there (i spied on the woman who ordered the same thing next to me). oh and we also had the chocolate mousse for dessert. what a misnomer. that was no light and fluffy chocolate confection, it was the most dense, rich, choco-buster dessert ive ever had. one little ramekin and dave and i could barely finish it, sharing. but, it was a nice lunch. in fact, it reminded me of the french laundry in fenton.

after eating, we rolled ourselves out of there and went down to the water. the breeze there was nice since the sun was out and the temperature was getting up there. the music stage on the wharf was small and cute but they wanted $28 per person to sit out in the full sun listening to a long block of music...so we wimped out and walked the 4 km trail around the harbor and town. the first part of the trail was great, shady and peaceful, we were the only ones out there...the reason becoming apparent when we hit the long part of the trail in FULL sun.

(pictures from our walk in the cute town area)

now, i dont know about you, but creamy seafood chowder and dense chocolate goo arent exactly high on my list of good walking foods. add to that the heat and sun...i started to feel nauseous. ew. we connected back with the center of town and i rested in a great shady/breezy spot and managed not to vom on anything. the town was so cute and i really wanted to check out mahone bay but at this point i also just really wanted to lie down in my bed...so we headed home. :( good day, bad day.

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